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Specializing in

  • Keynotes that cultivate institutional growth and cultural depth with;

  • Workshops that provide language, knowledge & resources that expand company growth and development; as well as  

  • Leadership consulting for high level executives. 

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Grounded in both the present and the future...

Nikotris, a proud native of Milwaukee, WI, is a practitioner and coach steadfast in helping create a more equitable society. Her signature talks, strategy development and workshops increase innovation, inclusivity, and impact, as a pathway to our collective liberation. Grounded in history while focusing on the present and future, Nikotris offers promising practices, scalable frameworks and research based tactics that welcome all identities.

Services provided

Leadership Consulting

  • Maximize the value proposition of your leaders

  • Help leaders leverage essential skills and maximize performance

  • Overcome company-wide plateaus with an infusion of confident leadership

Signature Talks and Engaging Keynotes

  • Add social and communal good value to any organization

  • Promote solution-based programming and concepts

  • Learn to cultivate and embrace the creation of equity, inclusion, and diversity amongst all members of any given organization

Workshop Facilitation and Training Sessions

  • Provide guidance, tools and strategies to empower leaders

  • Promote the idea of accomplishing collaborative goals

  • Plan and lead activities that encourage better thinking and plans of action 

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Nikotris beautifully takes our program initiatives and designs rich workshops that challenge students, encouraging them to respect difference in another, honor their own personal well-being and practice thoughtful engagements with others.

Mattie Khaulah Naima Nuruddin, Museum Education Coordinator,

University Galleries, Florida Atlantic UniversityHill

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